kaya redford

Dynamic, prosperity-producing motivational speaker, life coach, NLP practitioner, and change catalyst, Kaya brings people and principles together to transform life on the planet. 

As the founder of TEAM Up for Life (Think Excellence, Achieve Magnificence) Kaya leads “Think and Grow Rich” mastermind training sessions and workshops around the world. He has coached literally thousands of people young  and old to achieve the life of their dreams, offering more than 100 mastermind workshops free of charge as a way of giving back.

He also facilitated numerous Science of Getting Rich Club  meetings sponsored by New Thought leaders Bob Proctor, Jack Canfield & Michael Beckwith and has co-hosted and co-facilitated workshops with Bob Proctor, Niurka & Mary Mannin Morrissey.

As a real estate entrepreneur and consultant he was an advocate for homeowners caught in the foreclosure crisis and served as Clear Channel Communications’ resident real estate foreclosure expert for its nationwide radio network.

As a producer/director, he brought politicians, law enforcement, news media, celebrities, and homeless individuals together to create the award-winning Hi-Def Documentary Homeless in America and he is now putting together a sequel to this documentary which focuses on the plight of our Homeless Children in America due to be released in 2011.

Kaya is committed to supporting individuals in living lives of purpose and freedom and is always open to new ways of reaching those who are ready to hear his message.




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